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Mid-Term Rental Course

Mid-Term Rental Course! 

Mid-Term Rental Masterclass

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In this 8-week program, you can increase your cashflow, decrease your rental risk, and generate more passive income from your Airbnb or rental property!

This course will meet weekly in a LIVE zoom class - Thursdays at 8pm EST and will be primarily taught by Jake Cohen with a few guest experts. Zeona will be chiming in on every session, as well as present for the bonus 30min Q&A session after every class. Each session will be 90mins (1hr class + 30 min Q&A).

Next course begins in Spring 2024.


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What will this Course do for you?


  • Take the guesswork out, so you’re not wondering where and how to start.

  • Build your confidence, so you can finally take the first step towards becoming a real estate investor.

  • Show you ways to get started investing even if you have less then $30,000 saved.

  • Teach you how to invest out of state so that you’re not limited to an expensive city.

  • Take away your fear by teaching you how to quickly and confidently analyze deals.

  • Show you how to find the best off-market real estate deals.

Modularized Weekly Content


Week 1: The MTR Strategy

What are MTRs?/Who is this strategy for? Targeting market drivers, & tenant demographics

Week 2: Market Analysis

Breakout session to discuss specific markets & How to analyze an MTR deal using our calculator

Week 3: Speaker Session — Guest Speaker: Allison Thenhaus

Discuss loan & down payment options w/ our expert, Learn what lenders are looking for to qualify you

Week 4: Deal Analysis — Taught by Jake & Zeona

Analyze YOUR market & numbers, Discuss pros & cons                        

Week 5: Furnishing Deep Dive w/ @Amysellsboulder

A how-to furnish workshop + Time & cost comparison

Week 6: MTR Management & Resources

Self Managing vs. Hiring, How to build your team

Week 7: Listings & Hacks

Pricing & Optimizing your Listing on different platforms + Pricing hacks

Week 8: Expert Panel — 4 MTR operators including Zeona!

Ask your questions from our Rockstar Guest Panelists, with experience in Insurance Companies Rentals and more!

Next steps and how to take action!   

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Hi, I am Jake!


Who Am I?

- Course Discussion Leader

- STR Pricing Optimization Consultant

- Former Boutique Hotelier

- Founder of Step By Step BNB

- Airbnb Ambassador & 5-time consecutive Superhost

Jake learned the ropes in his 20s, working alongside his parents, in their retro themed boutique hotel. He went on to win awards for Hospitality Management. Currently, he owns and manages 15 units in 2 states. He loves sharing his expertise and passion for data analytics with others. For the past 3 years, hes been helping people just like you start their cohosting careers or take off with successful self management, he can’t wait to help you too!

Jake STR MTYR Mastermind

Hi, I am Zeona!


Who am I?

Author, Realtor, Speaker, Investment Consultant

I have been an Airbnb host for over 10 years and I now help my clients find the right home for them, whether it is to house hack or to begin building a portfolio or short-term & medium-term rentals.

I own a double-digit portfolio myself of furnished rentals across five states. I co-authored the BiggerPockets book “30-Day Stay”. I am here to help support you as you begin to build your MTR portfolio!

Let’s do this!



I want to invest out of State. is this Course for me?

Absolutely, the strategies laid out in this course can be applied in many markets across the country. In fact, Jake highlights many tactics for the out of market investor, showing you how possible and easy it could be; as she invests out of state herself!


What if I can't make one of the Live Zoom Calls?

That’s fine! We will have a private Facebook group where we will upload all of the recorded Zoom calls for anyone who missed any lesson as well as any documents disseminated in the call. You will have lifetime access to these resources and this group. 


I’m totally new to MTRS and will probably have  a ton of questions. How can I do this comfortably without judgement?

We pride ourselves on catering to all types of experienced investors, particularly newbies. Our private Facebook group as well as group chat will be a safe space to ask any questions you may have about the MTR process. We will also provide two speaker sessions where you can ask Jake and other MTR professionals about their business, process, and how a new investor can get started.

Who is this course for?

  • Real estate investor beginners who are looking to find, analyze and purchase a rental property with the intention of leveraging the medium term rental strategy

  • Investors looking to learn more about the MTR strategy and how to optimize a purchase in their market of choice

  • Investors looking to further optimize their MTR business, with automation, key team hires, and more

  • Investors looking to expand their professional network and connect with other like minded investors who already have experience in the MTR/STR game


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Medium Term Rental Masterclass

We will help you make your MTR Standout!


Furnishing is an important part of the medium-term rental business, and we will help from the shopping list to connecting you with a designer!

Who is this course NOT for?

  • This course is not for wholesalers, flippers or commercial investors

  • People with a one size fits all approach to investing. MTRs are a nuanced strategy that is ACTIVE at times. Investing in this asset class can be very rewarding, it does require discipline and active involvement in the process. 

  • Strictly STR investors. While some topics discussed in this course CAN be applied to your STR business, and many people who invest in STRs can likely pivot their model to that of an MTR, the topics discussed in this course are aimed at informing and equipping you with Medium Term Rental tactics and skills. Some may not apply in the STR space.

  • Get-rich-quick seekers. While MTRs do provide higher margins and ROI than long term (and even sometimes short term) rentals, real estate investing is a get rich slowly campaign. Building generational wealth takes time and dedication.



“We are so thankful we reached out to Jake. She was fantastic to work with and offered us some great resources and insight to make our STR business successful. I would highly recommend consulting with him to anyone breaking into the short-term rental space. We feel like we have an expert ally as we grow our business. Thanks Jake!”


“Strategy sessions with Jake Cohen are 100% worth it! You don’t just get that time, but you get an ally. He has sent us resource links and paired us with other people who have helped our business grow. We made the decision to value her time with our questions, and it paid tenfold.”

“With Jake’s coaching and encouragement, I was able to command the highest possible market rate for my rentals, which amounts to thousands of dollars of revenue per year. He brings a level of experience and real estate savvy that leaves you feeling confident in your choices. I also look forward to working with her and the La Belle Maison team as my husband and I search for our next home together!”



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