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We live in an amazing time in Tech where you can purchase software that makes your life exponentially easier for a very reasonable price. The software programs that we use are designed to automate most tasks that you would normally do manually such as team management, inquiries, message response, writing reviews, and pricing.


Airbnb is now the largest marketplace of Vacation Rentals in the world. Since it has the greatest reach, we recommend you start here. I also feel Airbnb is the easiest platform to use as a host. Did you know Airbnb is also a great resource for booking monthly stays? We have been very successful with this option as well.

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Hospitable is an amazing automation tool that will help you to automate your messages, tasks, and reviews. It can also be used to manage properties on multiple platforms such as Airbnb, VRBO, and booking.com.

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Pricelabs is the go to pricing software for Short Term Rentals. It is very simple to get started but also offers every customization under the sun once you get the hang of the basics. Will increase your revenue from day 1!

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Hostfully offers a great way to setup a guidebook using a card system that makes it easy to start and easy to change as you add more content. Your guests will love having all your recommendations and tips and tricks about your property at their fingertips.

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StayFi allows short-term rental property owners to manage their WiFi network and use it to collect email data from guests.

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Additional services that help you maintain your listings and property safety help keep your mind at ease. Some of these services we use to offer quality photography for your listings and insurance for your property in case of accidental damages done by guests.

Proper Insurance

Proper Insurance is an insurance agency that offers insurance coverage specifically for short-term rental property
owners. They offer the most comprehensive coverage I can find on the market.

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Professional Photography

Professional photography is the life blood of your listing. It will separate you from the rest of the pack. When you look at a listing your photos are the most prominent part of the listing so make sure your photos are phenomenal.



If you’re considering renovating your property and optimizing it for your guests, using great cost effective products is of utmost importance. We use these items in our rentals because they provide they look great and are exceptionally durable and easy to use.

Flooret Flooring

Flooret is a luxury vinyl plank flooring company that offers the best flooring I have found for a rental property. It is easy to install and they have exceptional customer service.

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Niagara Stealth Toilets

Toilets are a major source of water waste and a typical pain point in property management. By replacing your toilet with a new low flow option, you save money on your water bill and reduce headaches due to broken parts on the toilets.

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Getting high-quality and comfortable furniture for your Airbnb rental is important to keep your guests happy and comfortable at your property. 



Charisma’s line of products enhances your home’s level of luxury. 

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Comphy Co.

Comphy Co offers high-quality linens that are amazingly soft and durable for a STR business. Click the link to email and get wholesale pricing.

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